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What is Tiger Eye Stone?

In modern life, women always choose products that make themselves more beautiful and sparkling, they help them shine, love life and full of life. In it, there is an accessory that both makes them luxurious and good for their health, which is the tiger’s eye stone. This bracelet comes in many different types, and also has a variety of prices. However, each person is only suitable for a single design due to their geomancy and geomancy. If you intend to buy one for yourself or for your relatives or friends, please refer to this article to discover what a tiger eye stone is.

Red-brown tiger eye stone

Although the color of tiger’s eye stone is very diverse, you should not choose according to your feelings or preferences, but you should consider what kind of tiger eye stone is suitable for your feng shui. Each color has a different meaning, representing the living concepts or ideal of life that the wearer is aiming for. For those with the destiny of Fire and Earth, red brown is the color for you. It is also the rarest of the tiger’s eye stones.blank

Bright yellow tiger eye stone

In contrast to the deep red colors of the Martian, the bright yellow is perfect for those with the destiny of Kim. This color gamut has a high commercial value because of its clarity and sparkle like gold, when worn on the homeowner’s elegance and wealth.

Blue tiger eye stone

So what kind of blue is the tiger eye stone? This mysterious, deep, mature feeling is for those who carry the destiny of Thuy, as calm as a flowing water. Or Moc Moc, as simple and great as the old trees.

The tiger’s eye ring types are diverse and rich in color, style that is always easily damaged or quartz is very fragile. When you exercise vigorously or play sports, you should pay attention not to wear it but should put it away. Also, do not expose the ring to chemicals or direct sunlight for too long. The bracelet will be associated with feng shui and your destiny, so please keep it in your best way.

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