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Top 5 đôi giày sneaker nam đẹp hợp mốt

Beautiful men’s sport shoes always help him to have a dynamic, youthful and personality look. A beautiful shoe not only in style but also brings comfort will be an indispensable accessory in each of our shoe cabinets. Certainly, not only the guys, but the girls all have at least one pair of sneakers. That’s because sneakers are easy to match, and are suitable for all daily activities. A beautiful pair of men’s sneakers will definitely help you get a more personal, perfect look.

Every year, many new shoe models are released. Each men’s sport shoe has its own advantage. Therefore, the Lawa Store – sports shoes shop in Ho Chi Minh City will share with readers 5 beautiful male sports shoes in 2018 for boys to refer!

Classic men’s sneakers

Admittedly, the classic is the preferred style that never goes out of fashion. With a simple design and all the basics of sneakers, the classic sneaker will be a shoe suitable for casual men.


In addition to having an almost unchanged vintage design, this Lawa Store shoe also features as minimalistic seams as possible. That is why this is an extremely popular sneaker. From students, students or adults all love to use this shoe.

Fashionable men’s sneakers

With vibrant colors and black that work together, new color-coordinated sneakers always make your feet unique. Take the Lawa Store’s shoes below, for example. Trendy orange is blended with strong black, making it one of the best men’s sneakers in both design and fashion.


Active men’s sneakers

These are shoes that are designed to reduce some unnecessary shoe holes, or even transform sneakers into a loaf-like form. Thanks to a new and less cumbersome design, this sneaker will help you look more dynamic. Not only that, these shoes also have a slim form and smooth soles. Too suitable for walking around, right?


Men’s sneakers

This sneaker line is the kind of shoe for young people who love the way. The designs of these shoes will have many new seams and the sole is carefully polished. At the Lawa Store, these shoes will often attract a lot of young people thanks to their strong and youthful looks.


Modern men’s sneakers

While sneakers are slowly becoming the right shoe for all activities, modern sneaker designs like this one are becoming more and more popular. This type of shoe has a simple design, harmonious color, comfortable form and lightweight materials. Thanks to that, they become very versatile, can be used for exercise, going out, walking around … Both modern and convenient, Lawa Store recommends having at least 1 pair of shoes like this in your shoe locker. .


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