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The secret to choosing a necklace suitable for each face

Women are called women because beauty is their “instinct”. Therefore, women often spend a lot of time and effort in beautifying, typically when choosing jewelry. To help women solve this problem, let Mighty Gold learn the secrets of choosing the right necklace for each face.

1. Determine the shape of the face

Everyone’s face is different. Most faces, however, belong to one or more groups of faces. Face shapes include: rectangular face, heart face, fill shape face, oval face, round face and diamond face.

Determine the shape of the face
Determine the shape of the face

Rectangular face (long face): longer than its width. These faces have quite similar measurements of cheeks, forehead, and jaw.
Heart face: shaped like an inverted triangle. These are usually slightly larger than the cheekbones spacing (about 3.8 cm or less).
Faces fill (square face): length equal to width, that means the results measured two cheekbones and length difference about 2.5 to 5 cm. The jaw part of the lowercase face is “square to sharp” at the widest angle.
Oval face (oval face): the proportions of the measurements are quite similar to that of an inverted egg with a length greater than its width, a forehead slightly larger than a jaw and a rounded chin.
Round face: is similar to a fill in that the width and length of the face are approximate. However, the person with a round face has a small forehead and a smaller, more curved jaw.
Diamond face: has cheekbones with the largest size, medium-sized forehead, and a pointed chin. The distance between the cheekbones is also slightly larger than the face length.

2. Select a line according to each face

Rectangular face (long face)

Girls with long and slightly angular faces should choose necklaces with round motifs and a moderate length. Round or curved patterns will help your face become more elegant and soft. In particular, you need to pay attention to the length of the necklace not too long, which will make your face look longer and unbalanced.

Slim and tight neck necklaces are great for those with a long face

Rectangular face
Rectangular face

Oval face

This is a face with relatively perfect proportions so choosing the right necklace is very easy.Choose the necklace now based on the length of your neck.

If you have a slim neck, you are suitable for a tight-fitting necklace. On the contrary, if your neck is a bit short, you should choose a long, thin shape.

Oval face
Oval face

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